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Time for My Booster Shot

Posted on by Dr. Francis Collins

Dr. Francis Collins getting vaccinated
I got my booster shot last week. The process was extremely quick and easy, and I felt great afterwards. I received my first dose of the Moderna vaccine in December 2020 and the second dose in January 2021. So, it was definitely time for me to get my Moderna booster. If you haven’t already, please consider getting a COVID-19 booster shot to protect your health entering the winter holiday season. Credit: NIH


  • Sue says:

    I am having such anxiety over getting the booster shot. I am 62 years old. I had covid, with double pneumonia. I received my first and second pfizer vaccine in April 2021. I was so sick after my second shot. The body aches were so bad nothing I took helped the pain. I also had the dry heaves all night along with getting hives and a high fever. I am petrified to get the booster. I am wondering if it would be better to try the Mederna Vaccine? I wrestle with this decision every day. I am not yet eligible to get the booster yet in my state. I will probably talk to my Doctor before making a decision.

    • Sharon says:

      Sue. Sounds so much like the allergy reaction I had to Pfizer. Wasn’t the vaccine, it was the base. Ask your doctor to get the moderns booster. Probably a big difference. I also had the same reaction to my colonoscopy prep. It was the same ingredient. I even had to use my inhaler for exactly 14 days, but then all symptoms gone after that. I feel it was worth it for protection. Good luck.

      • Sue says:

        Hi Sharon, Wow, that sounds interesting! I had been thinking of trying the moderna booster instead. Although I had no problems with my colonoscopy, so not sure if that was the issue. I will definitely talk to my doctor before making a decision. This whole Covid thing is making me lose sleep. The news doesn’t help. Its exhausing.

      • Sue says:

        Sharon did you have any side effects after the Moderna booster?

  • Steve White says:

    I am very grateful for the vaccines, but we were told the mRNA vaccines could be easily adapted for new variants – but now it appears we have a new variant maybe partly escaping the immunity conferred by our vaccines, which were designed for the first type we got – but we do not seem to have a new vaccine targeting Delta – so, it would be nice to be told what is happening.

  • Andrew Goldstein says:

    When it comes to communicating the benefits of vaccines, I can think of no better role model than Dr. Francis Collins, whether in stature, expertise, experience or moral authority. His actions have always been backed by the data and overall wisdom. He even plays guitar and folk music! Thank you Dr. Collins for your public and patriotic service to our country.

  • Elisabeth S. says:

    Hello: i had COVID in November 2020 (mild case, lost taste and smell and have not yet regained it) and i got my moderna shots in March and April 2021. I want to get my booster shot but have read recently that people with a very high antibody count (mine is 11,890) should not be getting a booster shot. Please confirm or advise otherwise.

  • Holly says:

    I agree completely. We need to get through this winter with low Covid Counts. I too have had my booster. I had Covid in Jan. People you do not want it. My husband and I both did. I had my two Moderna shots in March and April and got my third booster two weeks ago.

  • Debasis Goswami says:

    I got Pfizer booster recently. Didn’t feel a thing afterwards. No side effects or pain. It was easy.

  • Louise Y Bernier says:

    I had Covid pre-vaccines… I had nausea 9 days.. was told it was inflammation of stomach lining. No vomiting but nausea the whole time. Then both vaccinations and both boosters I got dry heaves about 14 hours after getting shot… lasted for few hours and went away as quickly as it hit. I still have smell and taste issues. Had Covid late Dec 2020 into Jan 2021

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