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Enlisting CRISPR in the Quest for an HIV Cure

Today, thanks to remarkable advances in antiretroviral drugs, most people with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) can expect to live an almost normal lifespan. But that means staying on medications for life. If those are stopped, HIV comes roaring back in just weeks. Finding a permanent cure for HIV infection, where the virus is completely and permanently eliminated from the body, has proven much tougher. So, I’m encouraged by recent work that shows it may be possible to eliminate HIV in a mouse model, and perhaps—with continued progress—someday we will actually cure HIV in humans.

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Fighting Cancer with Next-Gen Cell Engineering

Researchers continue to make progress with cancer immunotherapy, a type of treatment that harnesses the body’s own immune cells to attack tumors. But Kole Roybal wants to help take the next big step in cancer immunotherapy: engineer a cancer patient’s own immune cells in the lab and reinfuse them primed not only to sense a broader range of cancers but also programmed to launch a customized attack against them.

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