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Getting My COVID-19 Booster Shot

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Man receiving vaccine shot
I was grateful to receive my second, or “booster,” shot of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine at the NIH Clinical Center on Jan. 19, 2021. As NIH Director, I’ve closely followed the development of this and other FDA-authorized vaccines, which have been rigorously tested for safety and efficacy. To protect both yourself and others, I encourage you to get vaccinated when the opportunity arises. Credit: NIH


  • Louis Korman, MD says:

    Congratulations. Stay well hydrated the second one is not as well tolerated as the first. 🙂

    It is unfortunate that many of your colleagues at the NIH had to utilize the Montgomery County vaccination facilities intended to provide vaccination for community health care workers. But I guess that is part of the lack of strategic planning that we have suffered from.

  • Donna P. says:

    How long do I have to wait for my vaccine booster after testing positive, with no symptoms, 14 days after receiving my first dose?

  • Roberta T says:

    immunocompromised asplenia patients have no answers if the vaccine produces enough antibodies, if they need booster shots and when and there is no commercially available serology tests for vaccine induced antibodies to even measure what antibody level they reach. This vulnerable population is in the dark, with no assurance the vaccine works, no way to test for it and no recommendations what vaccine is best for them, or if boosters are needed. Doctors do not even know if the MRNA vaccines or a different type is best for asplenia patients..

  • Ernest P. says:

    I got my two coronavirus shots. Do I get one more as a booster shot a year later?

  • Gennet Y says:

    I took booster Moderna vaccinator yesterday experiencing fever100.3 vomiting aching and severe malaise what do I need to do

  • Nancy J. says:

    I have received my two doses of the Moderna vaccine and my issue is that my daughter has been listening to the wrong person and she is not going to get the Covid-19 vaccine because she says that they have developed it to fast!??!?

  • Mflood says:

    Why can’t we get a booster shot ? I believe Phizer has recommended it but that has been shot down. I think it should be available to the public. Please reconsider and allow this to happen.

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