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Blog Survey: Time for an Upgrade!

Posted on by Dr. Francis Collins

Hi everyone! I’m NIH Director Francis Collins, and I want to thank you for reading my blog. Over the past six years, I’ve used this twice-weekly blog to share many exciting advances from NIH-supported research.But I’ve been thinking it might be time to upgrade your blog experience, and I’d be grateful if you’d give me some input on how to do that.

So, you’ll see a button (above) that will take you to a brief readership survey. It’s just a half-dozen questions, so it should only take a couple minutes of your time. Once I get your thoughts, I’ll use them to help update the blog design and content, while continuing to bring you all of the hottest science that we can identify. So thank you.


  • Marta Bravo-Luna says:

    You give so much and you ask so little, that it was a pleasure to take the survey. I put others in my affiliation, actually I´m a Retired Sr Researcher and quite interested to keep my mind active :))

  • rs231 says:

    Enjoy reading the new innovative research that is progressing at NIH. keep up the extraordinary work that is being done at your Institution.

  • Dave says:

    Thank you for all the hard work you do Dr. I took your survey. Your insight and articles mean a lot to us.

  • rwt says:

    Your content is nice.
    thanks for sharing.

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