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In Missouri for Grand Opening of Roy Blunt NextGen Precision Health Building

Posted on by Dr. Francis Collins

What an honor it was to join other national, state, and local dignitaries for the official ribbon-cutting ceremony of the Roy Blunt NextGen Precision Health building at the University of Missouri, Columbia. I briefly addressed those present and watching online about the great potential of precision medicine to build a personalized approach to medicine and transform the future of health care. This impressive, 265,000-square-foot facility will now serve as the hub of the University of Missouri’s NextGen initiative, which will help to help accelerate that future of precision medicine. After all the opening remarks were concluded, Senator Roy Blunt performed the ceremonial ribbon cutting. The grand-opening ceremony took place on October 19. Credit: University of Missouri, Columbia

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  • Rose says:

    Technology progresses. However, as we have seen in the age of internet, technology can also impinge on privacy. With regards to next gen precision medicine, that is something every medical ethicists and those working in the field should contemplate given the implication of known side effects from prescription drugs and CYP450 and other cellular xenobiotic extruder SNP status. How many PhD programs have mandatory medical ethics classes?

    Some may already be quite aware of it, although perhaps not in scientific or medical terminology.

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