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Taking Down COVID-19

Posted on by Dr. Francis Collins

I recently spoke with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar Drew McIntyre to take down COVID-19. I made the case to all WWE fans that the best way to get past the COVID-19 pandemic is for as many people as possible to roll up their sleeves and get vaccinated. I also told everyone listening about We Can Do This, four words to type into their browsers to access evidence-based answers to questions about the COVID-19 vaccines. We spoke virtually on May 13.


  • Vijay RS says:

    Its inspiring. Really vaccination in India also has to be faster and faster and people should co operate the Government

  • Joanne M Giannini says:

    Are you at all concerned about the recent studies that demonstrate that the spike protein itself (as opposed to the virus) is the cause of many ailments and side effects? And that it has been shown to travel through the body? I find this very alarming.

  • Sue L. says:

    I applaud all the efforts to get people vaccinated. I am totally mystified by people who won’t.

  • Harley says:

    After a severe 2 month session of covid 19 in Nov20-Jan21 and 2 more months of fatigue my previously vibrant brother in law has MDS which is a type of blood cancer. Within 2 weeks he has developed MRSA and received several blood transfusions. Could this be an effect of covid?

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