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Letting Sleeping Dogs Lie

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I got to let several sleeping dogs lie during NIH’s “Puppycam” event, which was recently livestreamed on social media. In addition to interacting with these adorable Labrador retriever pups, which will be trained to help people with physical disabilities, including military veterans, the event was a great opportunity to discuss stress reduction, mindfulness, and pet therapy. It was also my pleasure to join in the conversation. Puppycam, held on February 13, 2020 at the NIH Clinical Center, was hosted by NIH and Hero Dogs, Silver Spring, MD.

All of Us: We are America’s Veterans

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Our men and women in uniform serve heroically to protect our freedom. While helping us, they learn to put greater good before their own personal gain. That’s why veterans have been among the first to sign up and take part in NIH’s All of Us Research Program. The video above shares a few of their stories.

If you are a veteran, thanks for your service! All of Us needs more great men and women—veterans and civilians alike—to help build the future of precision medicine. If you’d like to join the effort, go to the All of Us website, click the “Join Now” button, and follow the three easy steps. First, create an account. It’s free and takes just a minute or two. Next, complete the enrollment and consent forms. That usually takes 30 minutes or less. Then, complete some baseline surveys and find out what to do next. Thank you!