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Unite to Cure

Attending Unite to Cure Conference

Posted on by Dr. Francis Collins

Francis Collins posing with Peter Gabriel and Wiliam Li

While at the Unite to Cure Conference, I met Peter Gabriel (left), the rock music legend and a former member of the band Genesis, and Dr. William Li (right), president of the Angiogenesis Foundation, Cambridge, MA. The photo was taken on April 27, 2018 at the Vatican in Rome, Italy.
Credit: The Angiogenesis Foundation

Receiving 2018 Pontifical Scientific Award

Posted on by Dr. Francis Collins

Francis Collins receives award from Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi

It was truly a humbling experience to receive the 2018 Pontifical Key Scientific Award. Presenting the award is His Eminence Gianfranco Cardinal Ravasi (right), president of the Pontifical Council for Culture. Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia (left) and Dr. Robin Smith (far right), president of the Cura Foundation, look on during the Unite to Cure conference on April 26 at the Vatican.
Credit: John Burklow, NIH