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CFC 2019

A Cardboard Memory

Posted on by Dr. Francis Collins

You’re right, that’s not really me. Neither is it Santa Tumminia, acting director of NIH’s National Eye Institute, shown in the red jacket making the shape of a heart with her fingers. You’re looking at cardboard cutouts of us at an on-campus event on October 24 for the 2019 NIH Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). So, who says you can’t be in two places at once! Credit: NIH

Kicking Off 2019 Combined Federal Campaign

Posted on by Dr. Francis Collins

CFC Kickoff 2019
On October 16, I joined everybody under the tent for the NIH 2019 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) Kickoff. The NIH’s National Eye Institute (NEI) is my co-chair for this year’s campaign, and our theme is: “Show Some Love.” During the kickoff, I took this photo with (l-r) Diane Rehm, the popular retired radio talk show host who was our guest speaker; Santa Tumminia, acting NEI director; and Brian Trent, NEI’s associate director for management and executive officer. The CFC annual campaign collects charitable donations from federal employees to support charities and causes of each donor’s choice. The NIH’s goal this year is to raise $2 million. Credit: Leslie E. Kossoff/LK Photos.