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careers in science

My Virtual Greeting to X-STEM All Access Conference

Posted on by Dr. Francis Collins

The USA Science & Engineering Festival just held its X-STEM All Access conference, though this year in a virtual format. It was my pleasure to videotape some brief remarks for the conference, and I offer them here to share the excitement and encourage young people to consider careers in the sciences. The opportunities that await in the biomedical sciences in particular are unprecedented, and there are lots of great jobs to be had. X-STEM All Access is an interactive online experience for kids. Through a series of daily livestream events, students will hear from an exclusive group of visionaries about careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. My videotaped remarks were shown on May 18, 2020.

LabTV: Young Scientist Curious About The Immune System

Posted on by Dr. Francis Collins

video of Heardley Moses Murdock
Welcome to LabTV! If you haven’t already, take a look at this video. I hope you will enjoy meeting the first young scientist featured in this brand new series that I’ve chosen to highlight on my blog. The inspiration for LabTV comes from Jay Walker, who is the founder of PriceLine, and curator and chairman of TEDMED, an annual conference focused on new ideas in health and medicine.

A few years ago, Walker noticed that there were many talented young people across America who are interested in science, but are uncertain about what a career in biomedical research is like. His solution was to create an online video community where anyone interested in going into research could learn from the experiences of scientists who, not so long ago, walked in their shoes. As you will see from spending a few moments in the lab with Heardley Moses Murdock, whose research involves a rare immune disorder called DOCK 8 deficiency, these video profiles put a human face on science and show its everyday stories.