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ARRA at NIH Research Festival

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Jamming with my band, Affordable Rock ‘n’ Roll Act (ARRA), at the NIH Research Festival on September 11, 2019. Credit: NIH

Playing With My Band

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I got to spend the lunch hour playing with my band the Affordable Rock ‘n’ Roll Act (ARRA) to support Camp Fantastic. This program provides a series of week-long summer camps in Virginia and Maryland for kids with cancer. My band played under the canopy of the NIH Clinical Center’s South Lobby on June 11, 2019. Credit: NIH

American Society of Human Genetics

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Francis Collins standing in a crosswalk

I had a great time attending the American Association of Human Genetics (ASHG) 2018 annual meeting in San Diego. The meeting was held from October 15-20. At one of the ASHG receptions, I also had a chance to get on stage and perform with my band Ethidium Spill. Credit: Jen Carroll