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Fungal Diversity2

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Line drawing of a human with pie charts of various degrees of purple fill adjacent to different areas of the body.

The line drawing shows 14 places where skin swabs were taken. They are: Glabella (between eye brows), External auditory canal (ear), Nare (nose), Manubrium (top of sternum), Antecubita fossa (fold of elbow), Volar forearm (midway between elbow and wrist), Hypothenar palm (pinkie side of palm), Inguinal crease (fold at upper thigh), Toe web space (between toes), Tonail, Retroauricular crease (behind the ear), Occiput (back of the center of the scull), Back, and Plantar heel.

Pie charts at most locations show Basidiomycetes malassezia as the predominant, if not only, microbe. Pie charts at Antecubital fossa and Hypothenal palm show trace amounts of other microbes. Pie charts at Tow web space, Tonail, and Plantar heal are the only locations where a variety of other microbes appear.

Other microbes include Ascomycetes (genus level): arthrodermataceae, aspergillus, candida, chyrsosporium, epicoccum, leptosphaerulina, penicillium, phoma, saccharomyces. Basidiomycetes (genus level): cryptococcus, rhodotorula, ustilago, others (<1%).

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