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Making a Point

Posted on by Lawrence Tabak, D.D.S., Ph.D.

I enjoyed taking part recently in a one-hour panel discussion titled Defining Moments in Health: Leading Through Turbulent Times. The event brought together five leaders from the health-care sector to discuss the question: How do you lead through moments of great uncertainty? This photo shows me addressing panelist Bruce Broussard (right), president and CEO, Humana, Louisville, KY. Looking on is panel moderator Bertha Coombs (left), a reporter with CNBC. The discussion took place on December 7 during the three-day 2022 Milken Institute Future of Health Summit at the Salamander Hotel, Washington, D.C. Credit: Milken Institute.

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  • Sugath says:

    The most defining moment of health is mental happiness. Unfortunately though, with increasing wealth in western world, the mental happiness is fast eroding. That may well be the reason for all these mass shootings mostly in USA.
    Sadly though no initiatives are seen in America to counter this mind problem. Would it not be good to help the American citizens with mental stress and mental health erosion?

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