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A Special Thanksgiving Day Concert

Posted on by Dr. Francis Collins

What an inspiring afternoon I spent at the NIH Clinical Center. Caesar Sant, a 13-year-old violinist and child prodigy whose family now lives in the Memphis area, gave a special Thanksgiving Day concert. I got to accompany on guitar, but the moment belonged to his amazing talent. Caesar was born in August 2008 with sickle cell disease. As a participant in an NIH clinical trial, Caesar recently received a bone marrow transplant in hopes of curing his disease. So far so good.


  • Philip J Klemmer says:

    Francis. Heartfelt thanks for all you do.

  • Andrew Goldstein says:

    I’m guessing there has never been an NIH Head with such diverse talents, so lovingly shared. A polymaths for sure. BTW,
    where do you get one of those great-looking, double helix guitars?

  • Zuccheri Gianni says:

    It is a beautiful image, full of hope.

    Umbilical cord blood, rich in stem cells: is storage in a “bank” to be considered for a safer future for the individual, especially with family risk factors?

  • Elizabeth F Newberry says:

    What a wonderful way to support this young man and his talents than to share yours with him, Francis. I wanted to hear what you two were playing, but could not!

  • Zuccheri Gianni says:

    Dear Caesar,
    As your music has come to me, thousands miles, so I would like my applause to reach you to help you heal
    In the photo, a scientist plays the guitar next to you.

    At this moment I remember
    when I was a young doctor, my head physician one day told me:
    “If I hadn’t made this passionate profession I would have liked to be a tenor singer, to brighten people’s lives with my singing”

    I believe that whoever practices science and at the same time music or singing, doubles the result of his work.

    I want to renew the congratulations to Dr. Collins and the NIH for the work of research and treatment, and to the excellent
    musician Caesar.

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