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My Gratitude to the NIH Police

Posted on by Dr. Francis Collins

On September 10, I expressed my gratitude to the men and women of the NIH Police for their service during the pandemic and their heightened efforts over these many months to keep everyone safe on campus. Many officers gathered in NIH’s Wilson Hall for this appreciation event, and I addressed them remotely with my wife Diane Baker by my side. Colleen McGowan (bottom left), director of NIH’s Office of Research Services, emceed the event. Also joining in remotely was Sergeant Alvin Maker (bottom right), NIH’s Community Policing Coordinator. To NIH’s men and women in blue, thank you!


  • Roseanne Woo Haltresht says:

    Bravo to NIH and its police! 🎉

  • Andrew Goldstein says:

    NIH police deserve all the gratitude expressed by those who are aided and protected by them. This is such an important acknowledgement during a time when our world-renowned national scientific and medical institutions are politicized and denigrated.

  • jeffrey Wacksman says:

    Are there any studies that show the average number of months there is detection of antibodies against covid after bsing fully vaccinated??

  • MARK RUSSELL says:

    We watch Action Adventure Movies and we make believe that we are Brave. The Police and Firemen are my Heroes. We can fantasize about being a “White Knight,” but the people who respond to “911” blow my mind. You have all of my thanks for who you are.

  • Fahmida P. says:

    All the best NIH Police.

  • Peace Officer says:

    Thank you NIH Police for the effort you have displayed. Hoping to see more of your accomplishments.

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