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Music in the Atrium

Posted on by Dr. Francis Collins

Music in the Atrium
On November 10, I took a break at lunchtime to pull out my guitar and play some bluegrass with the We RNA String Band. The hour-long performance was part of the NIH Clinical Center’s “Music in the Atrium” series. These frequent concerts are provided for patients, their families, and visitors to support the Clinical Center’s environment of care and healing. Jamming away, while physically distancing, are fellow bandmembers (l-r) William Sears on fiddle, Dominic Golec on mandolin, John Tisdale on bass, and Ivan Vujkovic-Cvijin on guitar. Credit: NIH


  • Andrew Goldstein says:

    Dr. Collins, you need to find someone to join in on the five-string banjo. Bluegrass is incomplete without some Scruggs pickin’. Still, I’m sure you all sounded terrific! Wish I was there to enjoy it.

  • Steve carney says:

    Dr. Collins, I loved this bit of bluegrass and you recent parody of Over the Rainbow. I saw a dulcimer hanging on the wall behind you and wondered if you p,as the dulcimer as well? It looks like an A.W. Jefferys dulcimer.

  • Steve Carney says:

    Sorry, I was typing with my grandchildren on my lap and thus a few typos crept in. I was wondering if you “play” the dulcimer?

  • Tirsit Mogues says:

    I believe music heals and fills the heart with hope. One doesn’t have to know about music or the language to enjoy or feel it. I often watch Gene Kelly singing in “singing in the rain” imagining the rain washing away my worries while enjoying the energy giving music.

  • Heather Smith says:

    My son was inpatient for 5 weeks during the summer of 2019. “Music in the Atrium days” were our best days there!!!

  • Leroy J Utt says:

    I surly do miss hearing/playing Bluegrass music and hoping the research into “restoring” a persons lost hearing continues and finds success.

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