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The Children’s Inn Turns 30

Posted on by Dr. Francis Collins

The Children’s Inn at NIH just celebrated its 30th anniversary. In just three decades, The Children’s Inn has given more than 15,000 children, young adults, and their families a second home while at NIH participating in research studies. To mark this wonderful milestone, I recorded the song, “Somewhere Past the Pandemic. Enjoy!

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  • wiley s cozart says:

    Dr. Francis Collins: I always appreciate the guidance and perspective that you bring us all whether it’s the Human Genome Project, your voice of reason in representing science in general and the role of NIH in particular, and no matter the venue: newspaper, television daytime or night time shows or interviews, or Congressional appearances. And I really appreciate your uncanny ability to reach so many groups on so many different levels. And, of course, I love your song-writing tributes!

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