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Congratulations to an NIH Nobelist

Posted on by Dr. Francis Collins

Congratulations to an NIH Nobelist
Yesterday was a fantastic day for NIH and Harvey Alter, a co-recipient of the 2020 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his contributions to the discovery of the hepatitis C virus. Harvey, a senior scholar at the NIH Clinical Center’s Department of Transfusion Medicine, shares this year’s award with Michael Houghton, University of Alberta, Canada; and Charles Rice, Rockefeller University, New York, who is an NIH grantee. I congratulated Harvey on winning the prize, and we took some photos, including this one on the front steps of NIH’s James Shannon Building. Harvey has been with the Clinical Center for more than 50 years, doing remarkable work to keep the blood supply safe. His research to identify the hepatitis C virus led to tests and treatments that have saved millions of lives. Credit: NIH


  • Frag says:

    Here’s another significant piece of knowledge. I’m going to give this to some friends, and sharing is always fun. We thank you, of course, for the sweat, too!

  • Yuko says:

    These principles are incredibly helpful, and I can see that students and teachers can be motivated to learn …

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