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Another Milestone in COVID-19 Vaccine Research

Posted on by Dr. Francis Collins

researchers vaccine
Glad to join Anthony Fauci (left), head of NIH’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and Matt Hepburn (center), Department of Defense, at NIH on July 27, 2020, to launch the first efficacy trial of an investigational vaccine for COVID-19 under Operation Warp Speed. Credit: NIH


  • Grace (De Nicola, Nicoll, Householder) Linn says:

    Thank You so much for all that you folks have done. I will be 98 in October, will people in our age group be able to get the vaccine when it is ready? I am in fairly good health and still sound of mind.

    • Moderator says:

      Thank you, Grace. We appreciate your kind words. Scientists and public health experts are currently discussing how a safe, effective COVID-19 vaccine will be rolled out in the United States, once it becomes available. Certainly, older adults are a critical patient population to reach, regardless of age. That will be a key consideration in our planning discussions. Thanks again for your kind note. Stay well!

  • Gaynelle Green says:

    I was interested in being a part of the trials as a minority in my late 50s with hypertension, Cholesterol, and thyroid. Otherwise, I’m in good health.

  • Katherine Louise pavolini says:

    Hello, I was thinking, and maybe I’m way off. A shark has a very strong immune system due to a substance in their liver that fights off viruses and infection. Have you thought about doing research with this substance against covid 19?

  • Edith McCreadie, MD says:

    Are any of the clinical trials on potential vaccines for COVID-19 being done in children? All the trials I am aware of seem to be recruiting ages 18 and older only. For effective herd immunity in our populations, we need a vaccine for our children.If no vaccine trials are studying children, will these vaccines be approved for use in children without specific data?

  • Alauddin says:

    I would have any other disease than covid. How can I increase my immune system? I don’t have any covid symptoms now. still, I should increase my power of immunity. Suggestions?

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