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Live on Meet the Press

Posted on by Dr. Francis Collins

Live on Meet the Press
On Sunday morning, I joined Chuck Todd, host of NBC’s long-running news/interview program “Meet the Press,” for a conversation about COVID-19. I spoke to him remotely from an NIH studio in Bethesda, MD and started our 11-minute conversation wearing my mask. Our talk was wide-ranging, but I did get to slip in a mention of how people can sign up to participate in COVID vaccine and prevention trials. I was on “Meet the Press” on July 19, 2020.

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  • Roseanne WH says:

    God bless you, Dr. Collins! Your appearing on Meet the Press with a face-mask sends a clear message that we all have the responsibility to protect ourselves and the public. We need more straight shooters like you and Dr. Fauci to navigate through this pandemic. I just signed up to volunteer to be test subject for a vaccine.

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