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Letting Sleeping Dogs Lie

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I got to let several sleeping dogs lie during NIH’s “Puppycam” event, which was recently livestreamed on social media. In addition to interacting with these adorable Labrador retriever pups, which will be trained to help people with physical disabilities, including military veterans, the event was a great opportunity to discuss stress reduction, mindfulness, and pet therapy. It was also my pleasure to join in the conversation. Puppycam, held on February 13, 2020 at the NIH Clinical Center, was hosted by NIH and Hero Dogs, Silver Spring, MD.

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    An interesting scientifically-stimulating “Puppycam” episode with thought-provoking innovative highlights!
    Stress-relieving, calming, pet-friendly mindfulness updates in the complex hectic-schedule professional/personal fronts for both veterans, senior/adults and young enthusiasts.

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