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Time Well Spent in North Carolina

Posted on by Dr. Francis Collins

Visiting NCSSM
I had a fantastic time visiting with students at North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM), Durham. My grandson Sellers attends NCSSM, and I was touched when he introduced me in the school auditorium before my speech to the student body titled “The Golden Era of Biomedical Research is Now.” The NCSSM is the nation’s first public, residential STEM high school. I visited the school on January 10, 2020. Credit: Brian Faircloth, North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics.


  • Patricia Chieffo says:

    Dr.. Collins, I hope Your grandson has space in his curriculum for the Arts. You have often stressed
    how the arts enhance creativity in science and research!

  • Kennedy Arum says:

    Lovely, close monitoring of students and their work progression.

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