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A New Year’s Moment at NIH Clinical Center

Posted on by Dr. Francis Collins

A New Year's Moment at NIH Clinical Center
To mark the new year, I spent my lunch hour playing the piano for patients, their families, and staff in the atrium of the NIH Clinical Center on January 3, 2020. If you’d like to share in the moment, it ends with Auld Lang Syne. Photo: NIH


  • Patricia Chieffo says:

    A fabulous way to ring in the New Year 2020! Dr. Collins never fails to bring music in to sooth
    the soul and heal the body!


    Happy and Prosperous New YEAR 2020!

    The musical backbeats “playing the piano with mesmerising rhythms” for heralding 2020 by Dr. Collins certainly appears a spectacular way of wishing American patients/families and colleagues “New Year”!!!

    Looking forward to an in-person visit at the NIH Federal headquarters, USA in coming years to celebrate New Years with the experts!

  • Katherine Gold says:

    This was fantastic! What was the first song you played? I have been trying but can’t figure out what it is! (ps, I recall your playing guitar to my medical school class years and years ago at Michigan!)

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