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Singing “Dare to Dream”

Posted on by Dr. Francis Collins

It was an honor to speak at the North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference in Nashville on November 1, 2019. It has been 30 years now since I was a part of the team that discovered the CFTR gene, which, when altered, causes cystic fibrosis (CF). Our challenging hunt for CFTR was energized by the promise that a genetic understanding of this terrible disease would one day lead to life-extending molecularly targeted treatments. I later wrote a song for everyone touched by this disease called, “Dare to Dream,” to capture the historic opportunity before us. Today, I concluded my remarks by singing this slightly updated version of the song to celebrate with everyone in the audience that life-sustaining molecularly targeted treatments are now available for 90 percent of people with CF. What a wonderful moment it was, and I’d like to share it with everyone who would like To Dare to Dream until the story of CF is history! Credit: CF Foundation


  • Patricia Chieffo says:

    So glad “you Dared to Dream” as a young researcher! Finally, a targeted therapy for CF!

  • HB says:

    Wow, the voice is beautiful … Thank you for sharing via this video


    Singing “Dare to Dream” appears a mesmerising rhytm celebrating scientific research spirit for eradicating the CFTR-public health burden affecting millions of Americans (as well as Asia-Pacific/Indians)! The expertise of the NIH Director has been aptly showcased at the North American life-sustaining molecularly targeted treatments are now available for 90 percent of people with CF-scientific sessions at Nashville, TN, USA.
    Genetic/cellular/molecular basis of CFTR with therapeutic immunomodulation/pharmacogenetic strategies are warranted for future clinical research for cost-effectively building patient-friendly public health research models on a global platform.

  • KG Rangaraj says:

    It was wonderful to hear director singing. I wish all those suffering from this CF problem
    Good health and achieve what ever they wanted to.

  • Carol Goter-Robinson says:

    Wonderful to see the progress that has been made in treating CF. The song and its rendition by Dr. Collins is great. Who better to perform it!

  • Candace Moon says:

    I have been following Dr. Collins’ career for almost 3 decades. I am so happy he is still NIH director. He will always have my gratitude for his work regarding CF. I lost my wonderful daughter to CF in 1997 at age 18. This is an opportunity to thank all researchers past, present, and future. THANK YOU!!!! And his wonderful song has resonated in my mind and heart for so many years, and will be there as long as I live. It is a beautiful anthem.

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