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All of Us Research Program Speaker Series

Posted on by Dr. Francis Collins

I took part in the inaugural All of Us Research Program Speaker Series live-streamed on YouTube on March 14, 2019. Here I’m preparing for this 30-minute program with Dara Richardson-Heron, chief engagement officer for the All of Us Research Program. The live stream provided an opportunity to interact with a range of people about the latest advances in precision medicine and how All of Us will accelerate this incredibly promising area of research. Credit: All of Us Research Program


  • mee2012 says:

    Dr Collins claims that All of Us is on track to reach one million sequenced genomes by 2022. But so far only 117 000 genomes have been sequenced (his own figures). Of these, about 30 000 were sequenced prior to the official launching of May 6, 2018. This means another 87 000 have been sequenced in the past ten months, an average of less than 9 000 per month or under 110 000 a year. With about 880 000 genomes remaining, this would imply that the project should take another 8 years at least or finish only by 2027.

    Phil Eidelberg

    • Moderator says:

      Thanks for your interest in the program. Dr. Collins was referencing the All of Us enrollment progress and the projected timeline for reaching 1 million participants who have completed all the steps of the core protocol, including providing samples. So far, more than 195,000 people have begun the enrollment process, and more than 117,000 people have provided samples. As new partner sites come onboard each month, reaching more participants around the country, an even greater increase in the enrollment curve is expected. The program hasn’t begun analyzing samples yet. All of Us selected three genome centers six months ago, and they’re hard at work developing processes to standardize analyses and the secure transfer of data. For more information about the program’s progress with genomics, see this recent video update from All of Us Director Eric Dishman:

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