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2019 Science Breakthroughs

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Science 2019 Biomedical Breakthroughs and a Breakdown

Science Journal’s logo and the title “2019 Biomedical Breakthroughs” top this image. Three panels are below. The first reads, “In a first, drug treats most cases of cystic fibrosis” and has a ribbon-style image of a protein. The second reads, “Microbes to combat malnutrition” and has a photo of a very thin infant. The third reads, “Hope for Ebola patients, at last” and has a photo of two health workers in full protective gear. Below this all is a second headline that reads, “… and a Breakdown.” A single panel below contains the words “Measles resurgent” and a photo of two young children wearing surgical-style face masks that hide their nose and eyes.

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