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Hospice Suites Ribbon Cutting

Posted on by Dr. Francis Collins

Cutting the Ribbon on the NIH Clinical Center's Hospice Suites

How nice it was to take part in the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new hospice suites at the NIH Clinical Center on July 10, 2018. Taking part in the ceremony (from left to right) are: Ann Berger, chief of Pain and Palliative Care at the Clinical Center; Francis Collins; Jim Gilman, the Clinical Center’s chief executive officer; and Gwen Wallen, chief nurse at the Clinical Center. To the right of the Hospice Suites sign is my wife Diane Baker. This extraordinary new unit is comprised of two two-room suites that have been thoughtfully converted into a home-like environment where families can stay with the patients. Credit: NIH

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  • Od. Luis Marcano says:

    I think family and friends are vey important to any of us when we´re going through a disease

    Knowing we have the support and love of them give us strengh to fight adversity

    That, maybe, can improve the results of some treatments, maybe because we feel the drive to push foward, to step foward until we get healthy again

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