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We Did It!

Posted on by Dr. Francis Collins


Survey ClosedThanks to your swift and overwhelming response, the NIH Director’s Blog survey is now closed.  I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to respond. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will be used to help shape the blog as we move forward.


  • Aep Saepudin says:

    i’m ready

  • Louis V. Lombardo says:

    More research is needed on all 3 phases of health: Prevention, Treatment, and Rehabilitation, please.

  • oregondean says:

    Links say the survey is closed …

    • Moderator says:

      Thanks for your comment. The response to the call for help was overwhelming. The blog has now met its goal for the number of respondents to the survey, and the survey has been closed. If you had a comment/suggestion that you wanted to make regarding the blog, please feel free to post it here. Thanks again.

    • cecil m mills says:

      Dear Dr Collins. I saw you on a cnn program once. I believe it was about Alzheimers disease. I would like to know does NIH fund any research into a cure for alzheimers disease? I see tweets on the computer about things to do for ad patients, however, see no evidence of any reliable research being performed. I have contacted my congressman and requested he support more funds for alzheimers research. It sure would be great for some type of progress toeards a cure, Thank you

  • Tim Lundeen says:

    We need more research on environmental causes of autism, how to diagnose the actual health conditions underlying the symptomatic diagnosis of autism, and how to treat the underlying health conditions.

  • Elizabeth D. says:

    I’d Be Interested In Any Updated
    News Or Research Breakthroughs Regarding Mental Illness And Mental
    Health Related Topics!

    Lyme Disease Updates/Treatments!
    Systemic Mast Cell Activation Diseases! (Auto/Immune)!

  • Rose Schmidt says:

    We need NIH’s help to study Fluoroquinolone Toxicity, understand underlying mechanism, and develop treatment protocols for those impacted, and ideally identify biomarkers of those who are at risk. It’s not as rare as you think, simply under-recognized. It is a travesty that impacted patients are met with denial by their prescribing physicians, and left completely abandoned by the medical system. We need to educate patients and doctors alike.

  • Gary Wolff says:

    NIH is the greatest research orginization in the world. We need to have the Washington DC people understand this for much more funding.

  • Bob Bitten says:

    How is it possible that this survey is closed already? Did 100s of thousands of people all respond with 24 hours? I don’t understand how the survey can be closed before most of us have even read the invitation. That does not seem possible.

  • Ma Cho Oo says:

    Focus on prevention!!
    Treat the source!
    This word for Myanmar people, I think

  • Lori says:

    Ridiculous article blaming the unvaccinated for the MMR & aP vaccine failures.

    Are you seriously unaware that PRN neg mutated whooping cough strains reached 100% of circulating strains in the US in 2014, up from 85% in 2012?

    And that per the CDC, the vaccinated are at significantly higher odds then the unvaccinated for getting infected with these PRN neg mutated strains??


    In addition, per the FDA, the acellular vaccine does NOT prevent infection and spreading to the vaccinated and unvaccinated?

    And how about the fact that the study didn’t bother to address the fact that the US switched from the whole cell to the acellular and rates of whooping cough are due to the vaccine failure and not the unvaccinated?

    How can you take this study seriously?

    Ridiculous and those off mainstream media know and distrust now anything coming from the NIH.

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